BFA in Fashion Design


  • Excellence in creativity Leader in teaching clothing design


  • The Apparel Design course is a course that aims to produce bachelor’s degree graduates who are knowledgeable and skilled. Ability to create creative work in clothing design He is knowledgeable, has a good attitude, knows how to think, judge, and is creative. Able to develop oneself and have morality, bringing benefits to society

Course objectives

  • To produce graduates with knowledge and abilities and has expertise in designing costumes and can Apply art in accordance with design techniques.
  • To produce graduates with the knowledge and ability to run a clothing design business.
  • To produce graduates who are creative and understand the design industry production process. clothing
  • To produce graduates with social responsibility and professional ethics.

Careers that can be pursued after graduation

  • clothing designer
  • fashion illustrator
  • Designers create body accessories such as hats, bags, shoes, belts, etc.
  • fabric pattern designer
  • Artist creates fabric works
  • Instructor in clothing
  • Researcher in the field of clothing
  • Entrepreneurs and/or managers of clothing factories
  • fashion photographer
  • Freelance designer
  • stylist

Course code and name

Course code

  • 2547 00811 02115

Course name

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in Fashion Design

Degree name and field of study

  • Full name: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion Design)
    initials:  B.F.A. (Fashion Design)

Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in Fashion Design (Revised curriculum 2022)

Download (PDF, 437KB)

Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in Fashion Design (Revised curriculum 2017)

Download (PDF, 258KB)


Selection criteria for the study

  • creativity
  • Understanding of fashion and fashion design
  • Skills in art and fashion design


  • Apply for TCAS Round 1 around November. Follow the application details via


  • 280,000 baht for the entire program (35,000 baht per semester, 4 semesters)
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