BFA in Product Design


  • Produce graduates who have expertise in product design, have a beautiful attitude, morality, and ethics, and are able to research and create in order to develop themselves and develop the nation.


  • Product design science is a key component of this expansion. Thailand’s economy Current product design science It is used as an important engine for the development process. and produce products so that they are attractive and can be used efficiently Resulting in improving the quality of life. Users of domestic consumer products and for export The Product Design Curriculum 2012 aims to produce graduates with knowledge and skills in product design. Various types Be knowledgeable in processes, methods, technology design and business operations. Able to research for creativity and develop contemporary design Cultivate graduates to have ethics Morality and Ethics To be an important force in the development of the country


  • To produce graduates with knowledge and skills in product design.
  • To produce graduates who can apply various fields of science such as art, technology, economy, society, and the environment. Materials, production methods Business and Marketing to be used in product design
  • To produce graduates to be creators Expert in research and product design academics
  • To produce graduates with responsibility, ethics and social consciousness.

Careers that can be pursued after graduation

  • Product designers in agencies that provide design services in government and private sectors.
  • Run your own business in product design and other types of design. related
  • Product design executives in government and private sectors
  • Product design academic

Course code and name

Course code

  • 2550 00811 06631

Course name

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in Product Design

Degree name and field of study

  • Full name: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Product Design)
    initials: B.F.A. (Product Design)

Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in Product Design (Revised curriculum 2022)

Download (PDF, 378KB)

Selection criteria for the study

  • Skills in drawing still lifes, landscapes, and objects (Drawing)
  • Creativity
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Skills in drawing and painting to present designs (Presentation)
  • Skills in product drawing (Working Drawing)


  • Apply for TCAS round 1 around November. Follow the application details via


  • 176,000 baht for the entire program (22,000 baht per semester, 4 semesters)
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