MFA Design


Produce master’s degrees in the field of design with design research abilities and be able to demonstrate
An analytical process that reflects the use of new ideas, seeking and researching knowledge or techniques independently.
related to contemporary society Awareness of the current crisis Understanding the relationships between natural contexts
environment and humans, with an emphasis on providing education for students to achieve academic achievement using education that emphasizes results
Learning led by graduates combining science and art to create designs or innovations which leads to
Create value for society

Course objectives

  • Produce master’s degrees in design to be professional and able to develop into academics. Able to integrate creativity, knowledge and aesthetics Show research Analyzed with cultural context in mind.
  • Create work that develops design innovation and can be developed into academic work. It focuses on creating a unique identity for individuals using technology and backward thinking.
  • Be a graduate with morality and ethics who can create work that has business value and can continue to be an entrepreneur. and work well with others Create benefits for society and the country’s economy

Careers that can be pursued after graduation

  • Designer or design expert
  • Teacher, academic, or design researcher
  • Engage as an independent professional in the design business.
  • Business consultant related to design innovation in various fields.
  • Both in terms of production systems and materials that help promote and develop various products.
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